Christmas Arrangement A Christmas Carol
Dec18--Around Homel Dec18--A Christmas Carol0
NewYrork Anniversary Basket Antique Machinery Museum The Birds and the Bees
Nov18--Tour Bus through Lower Manhattan Oct18--Fall Flowers and Night Visitorts Oct18--Kent Connecticut Sights Sept18--The Birds and the Bees
Kalmar Nyckol Hudson Athens Light Balloonfest Vassar Library Tiffany Window
Aug18--Kalmar Nyckel, a 17th century ship replica Aug18--Hudson - Athens Lighthouse July18--Dutchess BalloonFest July18--A Quiet Place
Good Guys Auto Show Rose Spring Flowers festival of dance
June18--Good Guys Auto Show June18--Birds & Flowers May18 -- Spring Flowers   April18 -- Festival of Dancel
Sopwith Camel Crash Winter Birds Wappingers Falls god bless us everyone
March18 -- Nor'Easter March18 -- Winter Birds Feb18 -- Wappingers Falls Jan18 -- A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol Christmas Decorations  JB Crowell  Mills Auto Show
Jan18 -- A Christmas Carol (Abridged)  Dec17 -- Holiday Colors    Dec17 -- An 1872 Factory  Nov17 -- Auto Show at Mills Mansion 
Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse St Lawrence II Hawk Rondout Lighthouse
Nov17 -- Sleepy Hollow Lighthouses Oct17 --Boats and Sunflowers Sept17 -- Local Flora and Fauna Sept17 -- Rondout Lighthouse
el Galeon Poughkeepsie Dragon Boat Race 2017 Poughkeepsie Balloonfest Summer Flowers
Aug17 -- el Galeon Andalucia July17 -- Poughkeepsie Dragon Boat Race July17 -- Poughkeepsie Balloonfest July17 -- Summer Flowers
Fort Montgomery When Iris Eyes are Smiling Wappingers Industrial Park Festival of Dance
June17 -- Revolutionary War Sites May17 -- Spring Flowers and Birds   April17 -- Water, Water Everywhere    April17 -- Festival of Dance 
 Bear Mountain Inn  Orchid Bluejay  
 March17 -- Bear Mountain Inn and Zoo  Feb17 -- Orchid Perspectives Jan17 -- For The Birds  
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NY Subway Rocefeller Plaza Wappingers Lake
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Bennett College Poughkeepsie Balloonfest B17 Engines  
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